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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

It’s time to change your relationship with food. Yes, your relationship.  Many of us grew up using food to soothe heartache or to deal with stress, but using food in this manner gives it power. Now it’s time for YOU to reclaim that power and become the boss of your food!

When food controls your mind, it tricks you into thinking you are hungry.  The message running through your mind tells your body it needs food now, and we often react to this urgent message by making poor choices– savoring decadent desserts or overindulging.  All this excess, coupled with inactivity, creates weight gain.  The good news is we can teach you how to reprogram your mind. 

At Moon River Hypnosis, our Weight Loss program addresses your current belief systems: food, exercise, and health. We will immerse your unconscious mind with powerful hypnosis and motivation strategies. 

We will assist you in developing a personalized plan which will help you:

  • Emotionally take back control
  • Develop slender eating habits
  • Associate pleasure to physical activity
  • Learn how to lower your “fat thermostat”
  • Build self-confidence
  • Learn to reduce stress
  • Sleep better
  • Feel more energized

The Moon River Hypnosis Weight Loss Guarantee includes:

  • A “proven system” for achieving success
  • Quality reinforcement programs for home listening
  • FREE admissions to motivational group programs
  • A written service guarantee that ensures you get lasting support

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